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Everything about rentals.

How much are rentals?

All of our rental prices can be found on the rentals tab at the top of our website. You can also use these links to learn more about prices and booking.






When does rental time start?

If you made a reservation, the time starts from the time you indicated, so if you are late, you will still have to pay from your requested start time, so plan on arriving a few minutes beforehand. If you walk in, then the time starts from when we put you in the boat.

When do you stop renting for the day?

Last rental out one hour before closing. 

Can I take my rental offsite?

Yes, only canoes and sea kayaks are rented offsite. We supply straps and foam blocks at no extra charge, and can assist with securing them to your vehicle. 

What happens if I am late to return my rental?

Please make sure you return your rental by the end of your booking session. A $25 late fee may be adminstered if this impacts the next booking. 

Bikes, canoes, kayaks and sailing.

Can I return the bike after hours?

No. Bikes need to be returned within our operating hours, if you cannot do this, give us a call to let us know and ensure the bike is left inside overnight.

What if I'm not familiar with rigging the sailboat?

We rig all sailboats and can provide assistance with launching if needed. You are responsible for safely landing the boat, dropping sails and hauling the boat back to the rental office on the dolly provided.

Do I need special certification to rent a sailboat?

No, but you do need sufficient prior sailing experience in order to rent a sailboat on your own. We offer sailing instruction for those who have no sailing experience, and generally after one or two lessons (at the instructor’s discretion) you are able to rent a sailboat on your own. It is recommended that you rent for one hour at a time to ensure you sail in comfortable wind conditions.

Where do sailboats and paddling boats launch from?

Our paddling boats (Kayaks, SUPs, Canoes) launch from a dock in front of our building. The sailboats launch from the public launch ramp located on the opposite side of the parking lot.

Can I go paddling anywhere I like?

We discourage customers from paddling across to Wolfe Island, for the simple reason that the winds tend to increase as the day goes on and you will have the waves hitting the side of your boat which is unsafe. We recommend going along the shore.

What happens if I overturn my kayak or canoe?

If you can see our building, we can see you, so if we spot you, we will come out on our safety boat. If you can’t see us, we can’t see you and therefore will be unable to know that you are in trouble. This is why we ask you to stay close to shore, unless you are confident in your ability.

Getting ready for your activity!

Do I have to bring a lifejacket? Is it mandatory?

Lifejackets and all mandatory safety equipment are supplied and included in the rental fees. Lifejackets are mandatory and we recommend that customers wear their lifejackets at all times.

Is there a place to change at or near Ahoy Rentals?

Behind our kayak racks, there are two change rooms available. There is also a bathroom on the parking lot side of the Pump House Museum.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, the park in which we are located has ample parking.  The fee is $1.50 per hour Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm and FREE on weekends.

What should I bring with me?

Towel (although we have a few available, free of charge)
Wet shoes, or any other footwear that can get wet.  You can go barefoot and leave your shoes behind.
Bathing suit

Can I leave my belongings with Ahoy Rentals while out on water?

We have bins where you can leave items behind and we will secure them in our building (bags, change of clothes, phones, wallets, keys, etc.). We do not take responsibility for any of your personal belongings you lose or get damaged while out on the water.

Questions about booking and policies.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Not necessarily, but if you are coming to Kingston from out of town and want to ensure you have a boat or bike then you can do it by calling or using the online reservation form.  For hourly Bikes, Canoes, Kayaks or SUP no prepayment is required. We will hold your rental for 15 mins after the time you requested.  

The following items require a reservation and prepayment:
Paddling and Sailing Instruction
Daily Kayak and SUP Rentals
Daily and multi-day Canoe and Sea Kayaks rentals
Full Day Sailing Rentals
Full Day and multi-day bike rentals
Bike Tours

Walk ins welcome. 

What form of payment is accepted?

Debit, Visa, Mastercard and cash.

What's your reservation and cancellation policy?

For hourly rentals, a reservation is not required but recommended during summer weekends. A deposit is not required but we will only hold the reservation 15 minutes past the reserved start time.

Full day and multi-day rental reservations require payment before the reservation is complete. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours, a 25% fee will be applied to the total price for cancellations greater than 48 hours.

On site rentals will be cancelled if weather conditions are unsafe for paddling. In this case, full refunds will be given.

What's your returns and weather condition policy?

Return Policy: Please proceed to building after your return to check out and
pay for your rental by the end time of your booking. If you return early you will only pay for the time used. Late returns may incur an additional $25 fee.

Paddling Weather Conditions: Please visit Weather Conditions Guidance and Policy for more information.

Useful Links

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Let's connect on social Media

Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tripadvisor to share your pics and stories, and let us know about your experience at Ahoy Rentals!